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International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

International Journal of Embedded Systems

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A fast video haze removal algorithm via mixed transmissivity optimisationJianbo Xu; Nanjun Ma; Jian Ke; Eileen Jianxun Yang; Shu FengVol.11 No.184-93Free access
Point clouds reduction model based on 3D feature extractionHadeer M. Sayed; Shereen A. Taie; Reda A. El-Khoribi; Ibraheem F. Abdelrahman; A.K. HelmyVol.11 No.178-83Free access
Experimental evaluation of various modified Smith predictor-based fractional order control design strategies in control of a thermal process with time delayNecdet Sinan Özbek; İlyas EkerVol.11 No.168-77Free access
Radio-frequency and microwave spectroscopy investigation of bacteria solutions: determination of the aggregation thresholdMustapha MerabetVol.11 No.160-67Free access
An efficient fuzzy logic-based and bio-inspired QoS-compliant routing scheme for VANETMohammed El Amine Fekair; Abderrahmane Lakas; Ahmed Korichi; Nasreddine LagraaVol.11 No.146-59Free access
Neural network based study of PV panel performance in the presence of dustMoh'd Sami Ashhab; Omar AkashVol.11 No.138-45Free access
Design of embedded atrial fibrillation detection scheme for wireless body area networksManan AlMusallam; Adel SoudaniVol.11 No.128-37Free access
Adaptive FIR filter for frequency and power estimation of sinusoidsFadia B. Elissa; Mohammad J. MismarVol.11 No.122-27Free access
Analysing and modelling worm propagation speed in the smart grid communication infrastructureAnas AlMajali; Waleed DweikVol.11 No.111-21Free access
Designing a wireless sensor with ultra-capacitor and PV microcell for smart building energy managementFernando Del Ama Gonzalo; Belén Moreno Santamaria; Juan Antonio Hernández RamosVol.11 No.11-10Free access