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International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology (IJARGE)

International Journal of Agricultural Resources, Governance and Ecology

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Understanding consumer patterns on meat and dairy products derived from animals fed with locally produced feedChristina Kleisiari; Leonidas-Sotirios Kyrgiakos; Spyros Niavis; Evangelia Tigka; Christina Moulogianni; Marie-Noelle Duquenne; George VlontzosVol.18 No.1/2199-218Free access
Perceptions of environmental benefits from sustainable food consumption patterns: evidence from the Generations Z and Y cohortIrene Kamenidou; Spyridon Mamalis; Ifigeneia Mylona; Aikaterini Stavrianea; Evangelia Zoi BaraVol.18 No.1/2182-198Free access
A niche strategy for geographical indication products, by valorising local resources: the Greek cheese Ladotyri MytilinisMaria Spilioti; Spiros Stachtiaris; Antonios Kominakis; Pavlos Karanikolas; Konstantinos TsiboukasVol.18 No.1/2160-181Free access
Enhancing wine tourism experience through developing wine tourist typology and providing complementary activitiesEleftheria Fytopoulou; Evangelia Karasmanaki; Spyridon Galatsidas; Veronika Andrea; Georgios TsantopoulosVol.18 No.1/2145-159Free access
Indicators for sustainable tourism management: a case study using AHP and Delphi to evaluate mountainous areas in GreeceApostolidis GeorgiosVol.18 No.1/2100-144Free access
A comprehensive conceptualisation framework for assessing metropolitan peri-urban agricultureAna Spataru; Robert Faggian; Victor A. SpositoVol.18 No.1/277-99Free access
The effects of adopting sustainable farming practices on smallholdersIdrissa OuimingaVol.18 No.1/255-76Free access
Greece on a sustainable future: reviewing constraints and practices regarding forest and water resources management, flora and fauna biodiversityPanagiotis P. Koulelis; Alexandra D. Solomou; Vassilia P. Fassouli; Stefanos Tsiaras; Panos V. PetrakisVol.18 No.1/238-54Free access
The effect of seawater physical parameters in bivalve farming: could systematic monitoring and early warning prevent negative impacts? A review focused on Vistonikos Gulf, North Aegean SeaIoannis Georgoulis; Konstantinos Feidantsis; Dimitrios Kouvas; Athanasios Lattos; Georgios A. Delis; Alexandros Theodoridis; Basile Michaelidis; Ioannis A. GiantsisVol.18 No.1/222-37Free access
Micrometeorology of the agricultural terraces and stone walls and impacts on biodiversity in the Mediterranean landscape of GreeceAlexandra Solomou; Nikolaos Proutsos; George Karetsos; Konstantinia Tsagari; Nikolaos ChatzipavlisVol.18 No.1/23-21Free access