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International Journal of Global Environmental Issues
International Journal of Global Environmental Issues


Special Issue on: "Innovation, Development and Environment"

Guest Editors : Dr. Valeria Costantini and Prof. Giovanni Scarano, University of "Roma Tre", Italy

The international political agenda nowadays gives significant attention to environmental issues and sustainable development. In particular, some major areas are highly debated because of their global relevance, in terms of the climate change issue and, more generally, the role of international environmental agreements.

The implementation of international environmental regulations, relying both on markets and standards, allows achievement of mutually-reinforcing goals. Apart from the direct environmental protection purpose, environmental regulation helps in adopting an international framework favourable to the development and diffusion of new environmental-friendly technologies. For this purpose, international efforts for combating climate change have built an institutional framework encouraging research and development in new technologies for energy saving and renewable energies. Furthermore, the closed relationship between climate change and the global energy system has encouraged the adoption of more integrated multi-objectives international and domestic policies, thus aiming at reducing polluting emissions, ensuring security of energy supply, reducing energy dependence, and promoting technical innovation. Finally, multilateral environmental agreements represent compelling institutional frameworks for promoting research and development in new technologies, especially if environmental protection is considered as a global (impure or pure) public good.

More generally, the nature itself of global public good requires the participation of the whole international community in environmental management activities. Multilateral trade negotiations of the WTO could have a positive role in promoting diffusion of environmental-friendly technologies by reducing all forms of trade barriers, bearing in mind that sustainable development is one of the primary objectives of the WTO.

We are soliciting papers which address theoretical and empirical findings on the relationships between technological innovation, environmental protection and sustainable development. We encourage contributions which consider both specific aspects such as trade-environment links, environmental regulation, paths of technical progress, and more integrated approaches accounting for different issues.

Subject Coverage
We welcome work on both theoretical models and empirical investigations, including but not limited to :
  • Innovation and diffusion of environmental-friendly technologies
  • Public incentives for environmental-friendly technologies
  • The role of Multilateral Environmental Agreements for technological innovation and diffusion
  • European Lisbon and Gothenburg agendas for a competitive and sustainable future
  • Competition in the markets for environmental-friendly technologies
  • Energy efficiency and renewable sources
  • The role of international trade for improving environmental technologies diffusion
  • Climate change modelling
  • Energy-economy-environment models
  • Economic models of sustainable development

Notes for Prospective Authors

Submitted papers should not have been previously published nor be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere

All papers are refereed through a peer review process. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available on the Author Guidelines page

Important Dates

Deadline for submission : 30 April 2007

First turn of papers review : 30 June 2007

Second turn of papers review : 15 September 2007

Final papers submission : 15 October 2007