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International Journal of Services Technology and Management
International Journal of Services Technology and Management


Special Issue on: "Developments in Industrial B2B Services"

Guest Editors:
Associate Professor Tore Markeset, University of Stavanger, Norway
Professor Uday Kumar, Luleå University of Technology, Sweden

Industrial Business-to-Business (B2B) services are becoming more important as the world is becoming more globalised and competitive, and as companies increasingly are choosing new and innovative sourcing strategies for non-core activities. Companies are entering different types of B2B relationships compared to those in the past and services not only are intangible deeds, processes and performances – various technology and technical software are used both as part of the service product content, but also as a mean or enabler to deliver the service products.

As with respect to product and customer support, we observe that industrial products used in advanced production/manufacturing processes are becoming more advanced, complex and integrated. As a result, more services are needed to support the products in operation and maintenance, as well as to support the customers in using the products and to recycle them at the end of life. Many of these companies need help in becoming more innovative to create product and support services that are creating a competitive edge based on their strengths and market opportunities.

The focus of this special issue of IJSTM is on services needed to support capital-intensive industries (e.g. energy, petroleum, chemical, mining, etc) that require advanced and complex production facilities and industrial systems, machines, equipment, software and control systems. In this type of industry, advanced knowledge and technological support services related to engineering design, maintenance, modification, modernisation, operation, removal activities, etc, are needed to reach performance goals and to be competitive.

Subject Coverage
The goal of this special issue is to provide theoretical and empirical research that will contribute to a better understanding of industrial B2B services. The following topics are of special interests, but not limited to:
  • Industrial B2B services based on knowledge and technology:
    o Knowledge based services (mainly based on knowledge)
    o Knowledge enabled services (enabled by special knowledge about market, industrial processes/activities, etc.)
    o Technology based services (technology is used as a part of the content of the service product)
    o Technology enabled services (technology used in the service delivery process)
    o Mixed knowledge and technology based service products

  • Industrial B2B product support services for advanced, complex and integrated products
    o Before sale services (e.g. customising service product content)
    o During sale services (e.g. installation and commissioning of the products)
    o After sales services (e.g. services to support the product, services to support the owner in using the product)
    o End of life services (removal/ recycling/ retrofitting of products)

  • Service relationships
    o Strategic/tactical collaboration processes, delivery and reception processes, performance measurements

  • Externalising services:
    o Service sourcing strategies (out- , in- , co- , far-sourcing)
    o Industrial service agreements and contracts
    o Performance based service agreements (incentive/ penalty)

  • Industrial service innovation processes related to content, delivery process, performance assessment

Notes for Prospective Authors

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All papers are refereed through a peer review process. A guide for authors, sample copies and other relevant information for submitting papers are available on the Author Guidelines page

Important Dates

Full paper due: 15 May 2007

Notification of acceptance: 15 September, 2007

Final version of the paper due: 15 November, 2007