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Editor in Chief: Prof. Sihem Mesnager
Deputy Editor in Chief: Prof. Gérard Cohen
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IJICoT publishes state-of-the-art international research that significantly advances the study of information and coding theory and their applications to cryptography, network coding, computational complexity theory, finite fields, Boolean functions and related scientific fields that make use of information and coding theory methods.


 Topics covered include

  • Information and differential entropy
  • Channel capacity, input-constrained channels
  • Codes construction/existence/analysis
  • Bounds for codes/designs
  • Decoding algorithms
  • Network coding and lattice theory
  • Algebraic combinatorics
  • Boolean functions and related topics in codes and cryptography
  • Computational complexity
  • Communication combinatorial problems
  • Applications of discrete mathematics
  • Interactions between coding and theoretical computer science.

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The missions of IJICoT are to improve international research on topical areas by publishing high-quality articles, and to expose the readers to the recent advances in these areas.

  • Professors and graduate students in mathematics, telecommunications, computer science, and electrical engineering
  • Coding theorists, telecommunication researchers, engineers and managers
  • General participants in networking and multimedia technologies


Information theory and its important sub-field, coding theory, play central roles in theoretical computer science and discrete mathematics. As coding theory occupies an important position within the field of information theory, the focus of IJICoT is on publishing state-of-the-art research articles relating to it.

However, articles discussing other issues within information theory are also of interest to this journal. Progress in this area is mostly based on algebraic, combinatorial or probabilistic approaches. IJICoT serves as a medium to report, exchange, and discuss work-in-progress, experience, trend-setting ideas on constructions/existence, limitations/non-existence, efficient algorithms for encoding/decoding codes, and scientific knowledge that make use of coding-theory methods.

In addition, practical contributions of the aforementioned theoretical approaches, such as applications to cryptography, network coding, network security, computational complexity theory, communication networks, as well as applications to other areas of mathematics and computer science, are included.



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Editor in Chief

  • Mesnager, Sihem, University of Paris VIII, France

    Deputy Editor-in-Chief

    • Cohen, Gérard, Telecom ParisTech, France

    Associate Editors

    • Dumer, Ilya, University of California, USA
    • Gaborit, Philippe, University of Limoges, France
    • Høholdt, Tom, Technical University of Denmark, Denmark
    • Kashyap, Navin, Indian Institute of Science, India
    • Oggier, Frederique, Nanyang Technological University, Singapore
    • Parker, Matthew Geoffrey, University of Bergen, Norway

    Editorial Board Members

    • Augot, Daniel, National Institute for Research in Computer Science and Control and École Polytechnique, France
    • Barg, Alexander, University of Maryland, USA
    • Blake, Ian, University of British Columbia, Canada
    • Carlet, Claude, University of Paris 8, France
    • Cheraghchi, Mahdi, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, USA
    • Ding, Cunsheng, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, China
    • Etzion, Tuvi, Israel Institute of Technology, Israel
    • Greferath, Marcus, University College Dublin, Ireland
    • Helleseth, Tor, University of Bergen, Norway
    • Kuijper, Margreta, University of Melbourne, Australia
    • Kyureghyan, Gohar, Otto-von-Guericke Universität Magdeburg, Germany
    • Langberg, Michael, State University of New York at Buffalo and Open University of Israel, USA
    • Lauter, Kristin, Microsoft Research, USA
    • Mazumdar, Arya, University of Minnesota, USA
    • McGuire, Gary, University College Dublin, Ireland
    • Panario, Daniel, Carleton University, Canada
    • Pott, Alexander, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany
    • Rosenthal, Joachim, University of Zurich, Switzerland
    • Schmidt, Kai-Uwe, Otto-von-Guericke University of Magdeburg, Germany
    • Schwartz, Moshe, Ben-Gurion University of the Negev, Israel
    • Solé, Patrick, King Abdulaziz University, Saudi Arabia and Telecom Paris Tech, France
    • Tchamkerten, Aslan, Telecom ParisTech, France
    • Vardy, Alexander, University of California San Diego, USA


    A few essentials for publishing in this journal


    • Submitted articles should not have been previously published or be currently under consideration for publication elsewhere.
    • Conference papers may only be submitted if the paper has been completely re-written (taken to mean more than 50%) and the author has cleared any necessary permissions with the copyright owner if it has been previously copyrighted.
    • All our articles are refereed through a double-blind process.
    • All authors must declare they have read and agreed to the content of the submitted article. A full statement of our Ethical Guidelines for Authors (PDF) is available.


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    All articles for this journal must be submitted using our online submissions system.

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    Journal news

    • IJ Information and Coding Theory appoints new editorial team


      The International Journal of Information and Coding Theory has appointed Associate Professor Sihem Mesnager of the University of Paris VIII as its new Editor-in-Chief. Her Deputy Editor-in-Chief will be Professor Grard Cohen from Telecom ParisTech in France.