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Journal for International Business and Entrepreneurship Development (JIBED)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Buddhist socio-cultural influences on entrepreneurial actions and performance: case of rural ThailandLavanchawee SujarittanontaVol.9 No.1118-134Free access
The socio-cultural aspects of the female entrepreneurship modelMarsha TongelVol.9 No.1102-117Free access
Is resistance futile? Acculturation and disadvantage theory in immigrant entrepreneurshipGregory A. LaurenceVol.9 No.188-101Free access
The 'fluid paradigm': the impact of national culture on small business managementDaniel Degravel; Christa L. Wilkin; Xianhong (Iris) ZhouVol.9 No.162-87Free access
The dynamic linkages between sociocultural values and successful business development and performance: case study of Mourid entrepreneurs in SenegalAlpha Ayande; Vincent SabourinVol.9 No.141-61Free access
International high-technology entrepreneurs: hybrid identities and entrepreneurial activitiesBanu Ozkazanc-Pan; Susan Clark MunteanVol.9 No.123-40Free access
The impact of culture on the creation of enterprisesMai Thi Thanh Thai; Nguyen Hoang AnhVol.9 No.11-22Free access