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International Journal of Technology, Policy and Management (IJTPM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Can coatings for foods and beverages: issues and optionsJudy S. LaKindVol.13 No.180-95PDF
From technological imitators to technological leaders: evidence from Huawei case studyXuefeng Liu; Xiang ZhengVol.13 No.11-14PDF
Strategies and success factors for overcoming challenges in JIT implementation in Indian manufacturing industryGurinder Singh; Inderpreet Singh AhujaVol.13 No.115-33PDF
Measuring the impacts of the integrating information systems on decision-making performance and organisational performance: an empirical study of the Taiwan semiconductor industryChung-Kuang HouVol.13 No.134-66PDF
Diagnostics for pretesting questionnaires: a comparative analysisTarun Nanda; Himanshu Gupta; Manjeet Kharub; Navdeep SinghVol.13 No.167-79PDF
Using value chain teaching method to increase learning value through process reengineeringYa-huei Wang; Hung-Chang LiaoVol.13 No.196-105PDF