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International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Defining training system impact assessment measures from a stakeholder perspective: case study of the NEW-IT projectTimothy Kotnour; Rafael Landaeta; Stephanie LackeyVol.5 No.11-23PDF
Does cooperative e-learning improve graduate student project outcomes?Kenneth David StrangVol.5 No.142-55PDF
Understanding learner autonomy through the study of a class blog experimentVasumathi BadrinathanVol.5 No.185-96PDF
WebAnnot: a learner's dedicated web-based annotation toolFaišal Azouaou; Hakim Mokeddem; Lamia Berkani; Abdelaziz Ouadah; Belkacem MostefaiVol.5 No.156-84PDF
A walk down the red carpet: students as producers of digital video-based knowledgeBarry RyanVol.5 No.124-41PDF