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International Journal of Technology Enhanced Learning (IJTEL)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Neurophysiological methods for monitoring brain activity in serious games and virtual environments: a reviewManuel Ninaus; Silvia Erika Kober; Elisabeth V.C. Friedrich; Ian Dunwell; Sara De Freitas; Sylvester Arnab; Michela Ott; Milos Kravcik; Theodore Lim; Sandy Louchart; Francesco Bellotti; Anna Hannemann; Alasdair G. Thin; Riccardo Berta; Guilherme Wood; Christa NeuperVol.6 No.178-103Free access
Learning to be creative and being creative to learn with SAPO campus: the development of a theoretical frameworkSara Almeida; Luís Pedro; Carlos SantosVol.6 No.165-77Free access
Creativity in technology-enhanced experiential learning: videocast implementation in higher educationMarina Mattera; Verónica Baena; Raquel Ureña; María De Fátima MorenoVol.6 No.146-64Free access
Social networking sites for online mentoring and creativity enhancementRadzuwan Ab Rashid; Mohd Fazry A. RahmanVol.6 No.134-45Free access
Children as inventors: orchestrating an informal pedagogic scenario with digital resourcesCharles Crook; Colin HarrisonVol.6 No.121-33Free access
The potential of treasure hunt games to generate positive emotions in learners: experiencing local geography and history using GPS devicesPirita IhamäkiVol.6 No.15-20Free access