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International Journal of Services Technology and Management (IJSTM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Towards a problem-value-constraint framework for maximising business value through minimising under design and over designYucong Duan; Guohua Fu; Nianjun Zhou; Xiaobing Sun; Mingdong Tang; Honghao GaoVol.22 No.1/2120-141Free access
Measuring service quality in Macau luxury hotels using the QFD method: a case studyChen-Kuo Pai; Shun-Hsing Chen; David HindsVol.22 No.1/2106-119Free access
A review of brand research (1990-2010): classification, application and development trajectoryWen-Jung Chang; Yu-Chun ChungVol.22 No.1/274-105Free access
Term structure analysis based on a static model of inter-bank bond marketFeihang Wang; Feiting Wang; Li ZhangVol.22 No.1/263-73Free access
What determines online consumers to migrate from PCs to mobile devices? - An empirical approach on consumers' internet cross-channel behavioursDingna Tang; Yimin Yang; Ying Yan; Ming ZhouVol.22 No.1/246-62Free access
An analysis of dynamic game strategy of privacy protection in personalisationHong-Wei Liu; Li Chen; Hui Zhu; Zhihui LiuVol.22 No.1/231-45Free access
The effect of e-WOM on country image and purchase intention: an empirical study on Korean cosmetic products in ChinaZhehui Xiao; Jinlong Zhang; Dekui Li; Bhubate SamutachakVol.22 No.1/218-30Free access
The effect of service guarantee strength on service quality of online merchantsHong Peng; Wei Jiang; Ruihuan SuVol.22 No.1/24-17Free access