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International Journal of Sustainable Strategic Management (IJSSM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Defining a sustainable overbooking approach in the hospitality industryVincenzo Fasone; Guglielmo FaldettaVol.4 No.183-102Free access
Strategic framework for sustainable project portfolio selection and evaluationKaveh Khalili-Damghani; Soheil Sadi-NezhadVol.4 No.166-82Free access
Growth and sustainability through test optional admission policiesMichelle SchmudeVol.4 No.150-65Free access
An exploratory study of psychological tendencies related to texting while drivingGarold Lantz; Sandra LoebVol.4 No.139-49Free access
The evolving role of general managers in today's global organisationsJeffrey A. KrugVol.4 No.124-38Free access
Antecedents of proactive and responsive market orientationPaul R. Lamore; David Berkowitz; Phillip A. FarringtonVol.4 No.12-23Free access