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International Journal of Sustainable Materials and Structural Systems (IJSMSS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Mechanical property enhancement of flax fibre-based green composites for civil structural applicationHui Li; Guijun XianVol.1 No.195-103Free access
More durable or more vulnerable? - Effect of nanoparticles on long-term performance of polymeric nanocomposites during UV exposureXiaohong Gu; Dongmei Zhe; Minhua Zhao; Guodong Chen; Stephanie. S. Watson; Paul E. Stutzman; Tinh Nguyen; Joannie W. Chin; Jonathan W. MartinVol.1 No.168-94Free access
Performance of NSM-FRP RC beams in flexure and shear using locally developed CFRP rebarsS.B. Singh; Madappa V.R. Sivasubramanian; A. Likhith Reddy; K. Chandra Prakash; K. Nagarjuna; A. Hima KiranVol.1 No.142-67Free access
On permeable porosity in bio-inspired fibre reinforced cementitious compositesN. Banthia; M. Sappakittipakorn; Z. JiangVol.1 No.129-41Free access
Demountable concrete structures - an energy and material saving building conceptHans W. ReinhardtVol.1 No.118-28Free access
Urban engineering systems: some synthetic observations on materialsShih-Chi Liu; Chung-Bang YunVol.1 No.13-17Free access