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International Journal of Sustainable Aviation (IJSA)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Investigation of fatty acid methyl esters in jet fuelGozdem Kilaz; Shailendra Bist; Denver W. Lopp; David L. Stanley; Bernard Y. TaoVol.1 No.1103-118Free access
Hybrid powertrain for light aircraftJohn Olsen; John R. PageVol.1 No.185-102Free access
NOx emission model of turbofan engineKateryna Synylo; Nicolas DuchêneVol.1 No.172-84Free access
A comparison of longitudinal controllers for autonomous UAVS. Yenal Vural; Chingiz HajiyevVol.1 No.158-71Free access
Application of reactor net models for the simulation of gas-turbine combustor emissionsAlexander M. Starik; Vycheslav E. Kozlov; Alexander B. Lebedev; Nataliya S. TitovaVol.1 No.143-57Free access
Optimisation of energy and exergy of turbofan engines using genetic algorithmsVin Cent Tai; Phen Chiak See; Cristinel MaresVol.1 No.125-42Free access
Airport development and sustainability: a case of multi-airport system in ItalyVincenzo Fasone; Pasquale MaggioreVol.1 No.113-24Free access
Robust version of a new linear Kalman filter for GPS navigationK. Deergha RaoVol.1 No.13-12Free access