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International Journal of Reliability and Safety (IJRS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Reliability estimation of photovoltaic system using Markov process and dynamic programming approachSonal Sindhu; Vijay Nehra; S.C. MalikVol.11 No.1/2132-151Free access
Goodness-of-fit test for generalised renewal processRajiv N. Rai; Garima SharmaVol.11 No.1/2116-131Free access
Reliability evaluation for wireless sensor network with clustering structure based on universal generating functionQiang Liu; Hailin Zhang; Wei Su; Yanbo MaVol.11 No.1/297-115Free access
Reliability analysis of Finometer and AGE-Reader devices in a clinical research trialAnna Deltsidou; Vasilios Zarikas; Dimos Mastrogiannis; Eleni Kapreli; Dimitrios Bourdas; Elpiniki Papageorgiou; Vasilios Raftopoulos; Maria Noula; Maria Lambadiari; Katerina LykeridouVol.11 No.1/278-96Free access
Model validation based on random set theoryLiang ZhaoVol.11 No.1/263-77Free access
Simulation of a non-stationary gamma wear processAnil RanaVol.11 No.1/250-62Free access
Modelling composite performance variable of deteriorating systems using empirical evidence and artificial neural networkP.A. Ozor; S.O. Onyegegbu; J.C. AgunwambaVol.11 No.1/223-49Free access
Necessary and sufficient conditions for calculus of variations under interval uncertaintyMohammad Heidari; Mohadeseh RamezanzadehVol.11 No.1/21-22Free access