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International Journal of Reasoning-based Intelligent Systems (IJRIS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Performance evaluation and analysis of lightweight symmetric encryption algorithms for internet of thingsYue Li; Yanqin CaoVol.8 No.1/284-90Free access
The property of agent's sacrifice: definition, measure, effect and applications Viacheslav AbrosimovVol.8 No.1/276-83Free access
Secure social multimedia content distribution based on social network analysisConghuan Ye; Zenggang Xiong; Yaoming Ding; Xueming Zhang; Guangwei Wang; Fang Xu; Zhen LiuVol.8 No.1/269-75Free access
Design of multi-agent-based online auction in mobile environmentHongyan Yu; Lihui Wang; Shengyan Li; Tengxiao YangVol.8 No.1/259-68Free access
A new method of applying the ETC technology to the underground parking lot in the supermarketZhenghua Xin; Guolong ChenVol.8 No.1/252-58Free access
The system of protecting eyes and saving energy based on AndroidZhenghua Xin; Guolong Chen; Qixiang Song; Hong Li; Liangyi Hu; Quande Dong; Hongli YuanVol.8 No.1/245-51Free access
Research on CDN network architecture design and safety protection for power gridChun Guang Zhang; Ying Zou; Yi Rong Wang; Chang Shui Li; Jun Feng ShiVol.8 No.1/237-44Free access
A fractional variation estimation algorithm for smart road traffic control networkZhichao Wang; Jun Steed Huang; Qi ChenVol.8 No.1/231-36Free access
Coalition utility allocation based on agent's outstanding characteristicsYiqin Cao; Ningxia Chen; Xiaosheng Huang; Yong ChenVol.8 No.1/223-30Free access
Optimisation of motion cueing position based on adaptive chaos PSO algorithmXiang-Tong Kong; Yuan-Chang Zhu; Yan-Qiang Di; Hao-Hao CuiVol.8 No.1/215-22Free access
A survey on machine learning techniques used for software quality predictionSaumendra Pattnaik; Binod Kumar PattanayakVol.8 No.1/23-14Free access