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International Journal of Rapid Manufacturing (IJRAPIDM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Identifying limitations for design for manufacturing with desktop FFF 3D printersMiguel Fernandez-Vicente; Miquel Canyada; Andres ConejeroVol.5 No.1116-128Free access
Peel and tensile test investigation of aluminium 1050 foil parts made with a new additive manufacturing processJavaid Butt; Habtom Mebrahtu; Hassan ShirvaniVol.5 No.195-115Free access
Constitutive modelling for fused deposition modelling of acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) under elastic responseYing Zhang; Monish Shivappa Mamadapur; Jyhwen WangVol.5 No.176-94Free access
Post-processing opportunities of professional and consumer grade 3D printing equipment: a comparative studyIñigo Flores Ituarte; Sergei Chekurov; Mika Salmi; Jukka Tuomi; Jouni PartanenVol.5 No.158-75Free access
Investigation of pulse advance cold metal transfer on aluminium wire arc additive manufacturingK.F. Ayarkwa; S. Williams; J. DingVol.5 No.144-57Free access
Nozzle dispensing additive manufacturing of polysiloxane: dimensional controlFarzad Liravi; Robin Darleux; Ehsan ToyserkaniVol.5 No.120-43Free access
Laser sintered body armour: establishing guidelines for dual-layered stab protectionA.A. Johnson; G.A. Bingham; C.E. MajewskiVol.5 No.13-19Free access