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International Journal of Power Electronics (IJPELEC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Hybrid multi-level inverter based shunt active filter for current harmonic mitigationN. Chellammal; Subhransu Sekhar Dash; V. VelmuruganVol.7 No.1/2134-145Free access
Steady state and averaged state space modelling of non-ideal boost converterM. Arjun; Vineeth PatilVol.7 No.1/2109-133Free access
New PWM strategy for three-phase multilevel inverterR. Geetha; M. RamaswamyVol.7 No.1/286-108Free access
Solar PV water pumping system with DC-link voltage regulationSonak Singh; Bhim SinghVol.7 No.1/272-85Free access
A new nonlinear controller for dc-dc boost converter fed dc motorSeka MalekVol.7 No.1/254-71Free access
Modelling and simulation of trans quasi Z-source inverter as an automatic three phase power conditionerH. Prasad; T. MaityVol.7 No.1/236-53Free access
Particle swarm optimisation-based PID controller tuning for static power convertersO. Tolga Altinoz; Hamit ErdemVol.7 No.1/216-35Free access
Stability analysis and reliability evaluation of a Z-source inverterAftab Alam; Manoj Kumar Mukul; Parshu Ram ThakuraVol.7 No.1/21-15Free access