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International Journal of Petroleum Engineering (IJPE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Viscosity correlations for light Omani crude using artificial neural networksTalal Khamis Al-Wahaibi; Farouq S. Mjalli; Abdul-Aziz Al-HashmiVol.1 No.192-110Free access
Field scale and economical analysis of carbon dioxide, nitrogen, and lean gas injection scenarios in Pazanan gas condensate reservoirH. Rahmanifard; A. Helalizadeh; M. Ebrahimi; A.M. Shabibasl; N. MayahiVol.1 No.162-91Free access
Leakage from drill pipe casing subject to shear deformationWalter Gerstle; Tess McCarty-Glenn; Stephen F. Dwyer; John H. GerstleVol.1 No.149-61Free access
Development and application of a type curve for gel damage identification in tight gas wellsJiahang Han; John Yilin WangVol.1 No.134-48Free access
Effect of the number and length of zonal isolations on pressure behaviour of horizontal wellsSalam Al Rbeawi; Djebbar TiabVol.1 No.12-33Free access