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International Journal of Management in Education (IJMIE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The predictability of organisational culture for commitment among faculty members: evidence from Iran higher educationZahra Daghighi Masouleh; Mohammad Sadegh AllahyariVol.11 No.194-109Free access
Leadership skill, leadership style and job commitment among academic staff of Nigerian universities: the moderating effects of employee's attitude and work environmentIsidore Ekpe; Norsiah Mat; Mary Olufunmilayo AdelaiyeVol.11 No.177-93Free access
Educational management and the extent of Thai undergraduates' learning and performance behaviour: an international viewRavee PhoewhawmVol.11 No.159-76Free access
The experiences of school principals of teachers living with HIVZvisinei Moyo; Brigitte SmitVol.11 No.146-58Free access
Development programs for head teachers in four Central European countries: an international comparisonLudvík Eger; Mária Pisoňová; Łukasz TomczykVol.11 No.125-45Free access
Determinants of study abroad decisions among Indian students: a PLS approachKavitha Haldorai; Souji Gopalakrishna Pillai; Ketrina KazakoVol.11 No.11-24Free access