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International Journal of Markets and Business Systems (IJMABS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Consumer acceptance of irradiation for sterilisation: a systemic approach to the case of medical items and food in GhanaKwamina Ewur BansonVol.1 No.170-92Free access
Contribution of the systems thinking approach to reduce production cost and improve the quality of Vietnamese coffeeThich V. Nguyen; Nam C. Nguyen; Ockie J.H. BoschVol.1 No.153-69Free access
Ethics builds reputationPiero Mella; Patrizia GazzolaVol.1 No.138-52Free access
What is organisational inquiry in the 21st century?Frank StowellVol.1 No.128-37Free access
The incubation process for the creation of viable firms: the case of ARCA ConsortiumGandolfo Dominici; Gabriella LevantiVol.1 No.14-27Free access