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International Journal of Learning Technology (IJLT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Using virtual world simulators (Second Life) in social work course assignmentsScott P. Anstadt; Belinda Bruster; Senthil B. GirimuruganVol.11 No.166-90Free access
Using an online homework management system in tax accounting: does it advance learning?Ramon P. Rodriguez Jr.; L. Murphy SmithVol.11 No.144-65Free access
Students' perceptions of the use of a flipped classroom teaching approach: application to environmental scanning and economic intelligence course in the Tunisian university systemKamoun-Chouk SouadVol.11 No.122-43Free access
The effect of feedback during computerised system training for visual temporal integrationNirit Yuviler-Gavish; Hagit KrisherVol.11 No.13-21Free access