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International Journal of Learning and Change (IJLC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Using constructive alignment to improve student research and writing skills: a case study of a master's program in real estate managementSamuel Azasu; Björn BerggrenVol.8 No.183-100Free access
Exploring societal responses towards managerial prerogative in entrepreneurial universitiesLisa Callagher; Maja Horst; Kenneth HustedVol.8 No.164-82Free access
Organisation learners' competence to overcome organisation's learning inertia: a conceptual frameworkP. ArunprasadVol.8 No.142-63Free access
Collective learning and path plasticity as means to regional economic resilience: the case of StuttgartRüdiger Wink; Laura Kirchner; Florian Koch; Daniel SpedaVol.8 No.121-41Free access
The impact of a learning culture on organisational change in regional SMEsGeoff Bamberry; Saeed Sabri-Matanagh; Glen DuncanVol.8 No.11-20Free access