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International Journal of Knowledge Management Studies (IJKMS)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The role of agreeableness trait and communal organisational culture in knowledge sharingHenry Boateng; Franklin Gyamfi AgyemangVol.7 No.1/2154-165Free access
Features of domain-independent mobile knowledge management systemsGustavo Rodrigues Lima; Carlos Eduardo Barbosa; Jano Moreira De SouzaVol.7 No.1/2136-153Free access
Investigating the role of human resource management in assisting the employee replacement process within the construction industry in the Kingdom of Saudi ArabiaMalik M.A. Khalfan; Nawaf Alshanbri; Tayyab MaqsoodVol.7 No.1/2117-135Free access
Analysis of the relationship between perception of organisational justice and establishment of knowledge management cycle from Nonaka and Takouchi's viewpoint (Case Study: Esfahan Steel Company)Sayyed Mohsen Allameh; Hadi Teimouri; Mohsen NadaliVol.7 No.1/2102-116Free access
Knowledge sharing in a physician practice group: an exploratory case studyYulong Li; John LoweVol.7 No.1/287-101Free access
Knowledge management in incubated companies: proposal of a model to enhance managerial skillsRosley Anholon; Olívio Novaski; Jefferson Souza Pinto; Geciane Silveira PortoVol.7 No.1/263-86Free access
The investigation of knowledge management practice components on supply chain performanceMahdi Abbas Taher; Reza Bandarian; Mohammad Reza Sadeghi MoghadamVol.7 No.1/253-62Free access
Do users in Qatar perceive intellectual capital information to be value relevant for decision-making purposes?Rania Abou Ghaida; A.A. Ousama; Helmi Hammami; Obied ShreimVol.7 No.1/236-52Free access
Knowledge management process model for healthcare organisation: a case of a public hospitalNurhidayah Bahar; Shamshul BahriVol.7 No.1/218-35Free access
Achieving competitive advantage through knowledge sharing: deducing the determinants of knowledge sharing towards a new concentric model: a reviewFathuma Hansiya Abdul RaufVol.7 No.1/21-17Free access