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International Journal of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IJISE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Quality function deployment approach to measure supply chain performance: a case study on garments accessories industriesMd. Ashrafuzzaman; Abdullah Al-Maruf; I.M. Mahbubul; A.B.M. Abdul Malek; A.M.M. MukaddesVol.22 No.196-120Free access
Scalability of reconfigurable manufacturing systems based on bowl phenomenon: an implication of modular machinesFaisal Hasan; P.K. Jain; Dinesh KumarVol.22 No.173-95Free access
A new proactive approach to construct a robust baseline schedule considering quality factorBehrouz Afshar-NadjafiVol.22 No.163-72Free access
Reliability and availability analysis of the serial processes in skim milk powder system of a dairy plant: a case studyAnil Kr. Aggarwal; Sanjeev Kumar; Vikram SinghVol.22 No.136-62Free access
A hybrid coding SA method for multi-item capacity-constrained production and delivery scheduling problem with arbitrary job volumes and customer inventory considerationsDe-Yun Wang; Olivier Grunder; Ke-Jun ZhuVol.22 No.117-35Free access
A fuzzy multi-objective genetic algorithm for system reliability optimisationMichael MutingiVol.22 No.11-16Free access