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International Journal of Internet Marketing and Advertising (IJIMA)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Co-consumption and co-production inside a brand community: a socio-cognitive perspectiveBadri Munir Sukoco; Wann-Yih Wu; Hsih-Hsien LiuVol.10 No.1/2113-126Free access
Investigating antecedents and moderating factors of consumer's acceptance and adoption of online-received recommendations on social media: an empirical analysisDominik Georgi; Sven TuzovicVol.10 No.1/290-112Free access
Inside the host's mind: psychological principles of viral marketingJoerg Wolter; Vincent Barth; Eva-Maria Barthel; Julia Gröbel; Elena Linden; Yvonne Wolf; Eva WaltherVol.10 No.1/254-89Free access
Antecedents to SMS advertising acceptance: a grounded theory approachYousra Bakr; Ahmed TolbaVol.10 No.1/228-53Free access
Consumer social orientation-based personality and social media use: an exploration among young US consumersAinsworth Anthony Bailey; Mohammed Slim Ben MimounVol.10 No.1/21-27Free access