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International Journal of Innovation and Learning (IJIL)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Role of information in the process of effective management of the universityDagmara Bubel; Seweryn CichońVol.21 No.1114-125Free access
Infocom business models innovation with the development of corporate universitiesLouis Rhéaume; Mickaël GardoniVol.21 No.198-113Free access
An alternative IT investment framework based on university learning model in asset managementAnnop Thananchana; Tirapot Chandarasupsang; Nopasit ChakpitakVol.21 No.169-97Free access
Business process outsourcing sector in Visegrad GroupKatarzyna BudzyńskaVol.21 No.154-68Free access
The interface of innovation and activity theoryAriane Latoski; Yara Lucia Mazziotti Bulgacov; Sieglinde Kindl Da CunhaVol.21 No.135-53Free access
Measuring clicker impact on student perceptions of course and instructorDavid P. Stevens; Gwen FontenotVol.21 No.121-34Free access
Investigating open source software creators through the lens of an entrepreneurRichard G. Mathieu; Jeffrey L. May; Harry L. ReifVol.21 No.11-20Free access