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International Journal of Information and Communication Technology (IJICT)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Bayesian network structure learning based on modified particle swarm optimisationLei Yang; Jue Wu; Feng LiuVol.8 No.1112-121Free access
Modelling speech and video quality in networks based on internet protocolMiroslav Voznak; Jiri Slachta; Filip Rezac; Jan RozhonVol.8 No.195-111Free access
Design and analysis of RF-low power and low-phase noise CMOS ring oscillator for fully integrated RF communication systems technologiesAshish Raman; Rakesh Kumar SarinVol.8 No.179-94Free access
Low complex decoding algorithm for multilevel space time trellis codes over MIMO channelK. Kavitha; H. MangalamVol.8 No.169-78Free access
MS-WMSN: service-oriented planning tool for wireless multimedia monitoring servicesKhaled Zeraoulia; Chafika Benzaid; Nadjib BadacheVol.8 No.150-68Free access
Compensation characteristics of optical signal distortions in dispersion-managed optical links with randomly distributed RDPSHwang-Bin Yim; Seong-Real LeeVol.8 No.137-49Free access
A study on the platform of knowledge integration for customer feedback in B2C service industryEun-Jee Song; Min-Shik KangVol.8 No.126-36Free access
Improving classification accuracy based on class-space reductionByungjoon Park; Sejong OhVol.8 No.110-25Free access
Intelligent home disease pre-diagnosis system for Korean traditional medicine using neural networksKwang Baek Kim; Hyun Jun Park; Doo Heon SongVol.8 No.11-9Free access