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International Journal of Indian Culture and Business Management (IJICBM)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Disruptive innovation through a dynamic capabilities lens: an exploration of the auto component sector in IndiaDeepak Pandit; Maheshkumar P. Joshi; Rajen K. Gupta; Arun SahayVol.14 No.1109-130Free access
Trading trends in Indian commodity exchanges with special reference to agricultural commoditiesAnand Bansal; Satinder KaurVol.14 No.194-108Free access
Capital asset pricing model and subprime crisis: evidence from Indian equity marketShweta Bajpai; Anil K. SharmaVol.14 No.165-93Free access
Enhancing reliability and quality for SMEs in India by using failure mode effect analysis and total productive maintenanceSachin N. Waghmare; D.N. Raut; S.K. Mahajan; S.S. BhamareVol.14 No.144-64Free access
Price discovery in Indian stock index futures market: new evidence based on intraday dataSarveshwar Kumar InaniVol.14 No.123-43Free access
Quality issues affecting organisational performance: a review of Indian technical educationLalit Upadhayay; Prem VratVol.14 No.11-22Free access