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International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (IJHST)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Regional design storm of Greece within the flood risk management framework Nicolas R. Dalezios; Saeid EslamianVol.6 No.182-102Free access
Temporal trends in precipitation using spatial techniques in GIS over Urmia Lake Basin, IranFarshad Fathian; Hamed Aliyari; Ercan Kahya; Zohreh DehghanVol.6 No.162-81Free access
Climatic and spatial variations of potential rainwater savings for Melbourne (Australia)Monzur A. Imteaz; Khaled Anowar Sagar; Cristina Santos; Amimul AhsanVol.6 No.145-61Free access
Evaluation of hydrological and data-based models in estimation of daily runoff in Galikesh watershedKhalil Ghorbani; Mehdi Meftah Halaghi; Elaheh Sohrabian; Saeid Golian; Mehdi ZakeriniaVol.6 No.127-44Free access
Evaluating the impact of changes in land cover and climate variability on streamflow trends (case study: eastern subbasins of Lake Urmia, Iran)Farshad Fathian; Zohreh Dehghan; Saeid EslamianVol.6 No.11-26Free access