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International Journal of Hydrology Science and Technology (IJHST)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Application of the L-moments approach to the analysis of regional flood frequency in Northern AlgeriaMohamed Meddi; Samir Toumi; Ali A. AssaniVol.7 No.177-102Free access
Designing a risk-based multi criteria framework for river health assessment: a case study of Taleghan basin, IranAli Azarnivand; Nastaran Chitsaz; Arash MalekianVol.7 No.163-76Free access
Effects of land-use land-cover data resolution and classification methods on SWAT model flow predictive reliabilityKwasi Asante; Mansoor D. Leh; Jackson D. Cothren; Mauro Di Luzio; John Van BrahanaVol.7 No.139-62Free access
Trend assessment of precipitation and drought index (SPI) using parametric and non-parametric trend analysis methods (case study: arid regions of southern Iran)Abdol Rassoul Zarei; Saeid EslamianVol.7 No.112-38Free access
Comparison of isotope analysis and tank model calculation method to determine the snowmelt water ratio in river waterShigeki Harada; Taisuke Hashimoto; Taisuke SatoVol.7 No.11-11Free access