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International Journal of Happiness and Development (IJHD)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The productive and happy agent: performance and positive emotions at call centresDanilo Garcia; Max Rapp Ricciardi; Trevor ArcherVol.2 No.184-90Free access
Happiness in ASEAN member statesThomas Wai-Kee Yuen; Winnie Wan-Ling ChuVol.2 No.169-83Free access
Validity and reliability of Finnish version of WHOQOL-Bref on adult population in Finland Eero Siljander; Minna-Liisa Luoma; Satu Meriläinen-PorrasVol.2 No.152-68Free access
Work life balance and quality of life among employees in MalaysiaHazel Melanie Ramos; Felix Francis; Reuben Varughese PhilippVol.2 No.138-51Free access
Differences between affective profiles in temperament and character in Salvadorians: the self-fulfilling experience as a function of agentic (self-directedness) and communal (cooperativeness) valuesDanilo Garcia; Bibinaz Ghiabi; Patricia Rosenberg; Ali Al Nima; Trevor ArcherVol.2 No.122-37Free access
Happiness in the United Arab Emirates: conceptualisations of happiness among Emirati and other Arab studentsLouise Lambert D'raven; Nausheen Pasha-ZaidiVol.2 No.11-21Free access