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International Journal of Grid and Utility Computing (IJGUC)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Optimal design of joint network LDPC codes over orthogonal multiple-access relay channelsJingyi Wang; Shuling Che; Ying Li; Junlong WangVol.7 No.168-74Free access
Code-based authentication with designated verifierYan Ren; Hongbin Wang; Jiali Du; Liqiong MaVol.7 No.161-67Free access
Cooperative downloading with privacy preservation and access control for value-added services in VANETsWujun Zhang; Shunrong Jiang; Xiaoyan Zhu; Yumin WangVol.7 No.150-60Free access
Energy-efficient and self-adaptive routing algorithm based on event-driven in wireless sensor networkJing Zhang; Ting Yang; Chengli ZhaoVol.7 No.141-49Free access
Frog leap algorithm for homology modelling in grid environmentD. Ramyachitra; P. Pradeep KumarVol.7 No.129-40Free access
Degradation and encryption for outsourced PNG images in cloud storageYing Wang; Jiali Du; Xiaochun Cheng; Zheli Liu; Kai LinVol.7 No.122-28Free access
Maximum revenue-oriented resource allocation in cloudGuofu Feng; Rajkumar BuyyaVol.7 No.112-21Free access
Efficiency optimisation signature scheme for time-critical multicast data origin authenticationYichuan Wang; Jianfeng Ma; Xiang Lu; Di Lu; Liumei ZhangVol.7 No.11-11Free access