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International Journal of Global Environmental Issues (IJGENVI)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
History of an irrigation canal: the 'Real Canal de la Infanta', Barcelona, SpainJose Luis De la Peña; Miquel SalgotVol.15 No.1/2169-178Free access
Multi-criteria analysis of sustainable environmental clean technologies for the treatment of winery's wastewaterAntonis A. Zorpas; Aspasia SarantiVol.15 No.1/2151-168Free access
Analysis of pesticide residue in fruits and vegetables using analytical protocol based on application of the QuEChERS technique and GC-ECD systemJolanta Stocka; Marek Biziuk; Jacek NamieśnikVol.15 No.1/2136-150Free access
Indicators of efficient urban water managementNava Haruvy; Sarit ShalhevetVol.15 No.1/2121-135Free access
Manganese in drinking water and human health. A case study from GreeceSoterios P. VarnavasVol.15 No.1/2112-120Free access
The supply and quality of urban water in arid island environments: a case study from the prefecture of Larnaka, CyprusParaskevi P. Karanikola; Georgios E. Tsantopoulos; Stilianos A. Tampakis; Veronika A. Andrea; Anastasia N. MatoliVol.15 No.1/2100-111Free access
Vulnerabilities of water and sanitation at households and community levels in face of climate variability and change: trends from historical climate time series in a West African medium-sized townGuéladio Cissé; Doulo Traoré; Sunkaru Touray; Hampaté Bâ; Moussa Keïta; Ibrahima Sy; Brama Koné; Jürg Utzinger; Marcel TannerVol.15 No.1/281-99Free access
Variability analysis of hydrometeorological parameters under a climate change scenario in Northern GreeceE.A. BaltasVol.15 No.1/270-80Free access
Milestones of the diachronic evolution of meteorologyNicolas R. Dalezios; Panagiotis T. NastosVol.15 No.1/249-69Free access
Water reservoirs complex of 19th century in Patras, GreeceGeorgios P. AntoniouVol.15 No.1/234-48Free access
The Ottoman balnear buildings of Crete, issues regarding their construction, water supply and present situationEleni I. KanetakiVol.15 No.1/218-33Free access
Simulation of currents in the coastal and offshore zone of the Old and New Patras Port (Western Greece)Nikolaos Th. Fourniotis; Georgios M. HorschVol.15 No.1/24-17Free access