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International Journal of Entrepreneurial Venturing (IJEV)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Assessing the maximum expendable quota for a milestone financing provided by a venture capitalist Thomas Hering; Christian Toll; Polina K. KirilovaVol.8 No.1102-117Free access
Domestic business-to-business relationships and the internationalisation of SMEs: evidence from SwitzerlandMichael Beier; Christian Hauser; Jens HogenackerVol.8 No.184-101Free access
The process of relational rent generation in corporate venture capital investmentsChristiana Weber; Virgil Raibulet; Boris BaukeVol.8 No.162-83Free access
Coordinating family entrepreneurship: when money seeks opportunityCarolin Decker; Christina GüntherVol.8 No.146-61Free access
Pay for performance versus non-financial incentives in small and medium-sized enterprisesRainer Baule; Christian SoostVol.8 No.124-45Free access
Dynamics of incentives and value creation in (de-)centralised incentive systemsNicole ZimmermannVol.8 No.15-23Free access