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International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Dual state-parameter simultaneous estimation using localised ensemble Kalman filter and application in environmental modelYan Li; Chong Chen; Jian Zhou; Gaofeng Zhang; Xiaolong ChenVol.8 No.193-103Free access
Explore city dynamics from the communication network between base stationsYanghong Zhou; Shijie Zhou; Jiaqing LuoVol.8 No.187-92Free access
PTFA: a secure and privacy-preserving traffic flow analysis scheme for intelligent transportation systemHui Zhu; XiaoYing He; XiMeng Liu; Hui LiVol.8 No.178-86Free access
An integrated intelligent paradigm to detect DDoS attack in mobile ad hoc networksP. Devi; A. KannammalVol.8 No.169-77Free access
Developing a trustworthy computing framework for cloudsChenLin Huang; LiGang He; XiangKe Liao; HuaDong Dai; MengLuo JiVol.8 No.159-68Free access
Identifying malicious Android apps using permissions and system eventsHongmu Han; Ruixuan Li; Xiwu GuVol.8 No.146-58Free access
User-policy-based dynamic remote attestation in cloud computingHaihe Ba; Jiangchun Ren; Zhiying Wang; Huaizhe Zhou; Yiming Li; Tie HongVol.8 No.139-45Free access
Research for multi-sensor data fusion based on Huffman tree clustering algorithm in greenhousesYang Xu; BaoZhan Chen; ZhiChen HuVol.8 No.134-38Free access
Multi-bit LWE-based encryption scheme without decryption errorsShaowu Mao; Huanguo Zhang; Wanqing Wu; Houzhen WangVol.8 No.124-33Free access
Probabilistic graphical model for detecting spammers in microblog websitesZhongming Han; Ke Yang; Fengmin Xu; Dagao DuanVol.8 No.112-23Free access
Multilayer collaborative traceback technique based on net-flow fingerprintCheng Lei; HongQi Zhang; Yi Sun; XueHui Du; XueDong JiaVol.8 No.11-11Free access