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International Journal of Embedded Systems (IJES)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Prediction algorithm based on web mining for multimedia objects in next-generation Digital Earth Li Zhu; Shengyong XuVol.7 No.179-87Free access
Time-activity pattern observatory from mobile web logsChao Wu; Bin Xu; ShanShan Shi; Bin ZhaoVol.7 No.171-78Free access
Management and application of mobile big dataZhensong Liao; Qiang Yin; Yan Huang; Li ShengVol.7 No.163-70Free access
Region covariance tracking with hybrid search strategyRuhan He; Yongsheng Yu; Jia Chen; Min Li; Xun YaoVol.7 No.155-62Free access
Shared-node IoT network architecture with ubiquitous homomorphic encryption for healthcare monitoringMir Sajjad Hussain Talpur; Md Zakirul Alam Bhuiyan; Guojun WangVol.7 No.143-54Free access
Mood disorder patients' language features on their microblogsTai Wang; Zongkui Zhou; Tingshao Zhu; Yang WeiVol.7 No.134-42Free access
An iterative algorithm to process the top-k query for the wireless sensor networksGuilin Li; Xing Gao; Minghong Liao; Bing HanVol.7 No.126-33Free access
Peripheral-conscious energy-efficient scheduling for weakly hard real-time systemsLinwei Niu; Gang QuanVol.7 No.111-25Free access
Bare-metal microhypervisor prototype and measurement of real-time characteristics Ivan Kolchin; Sergey FilippovVol.7 No.11-10Free access