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International Journal of Economics and Accounting (IJEA)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A financial and public policy analysis of the meat industryHannah M. Martin; Katherine T. Smith; L. Murphy SmithVol.7 No.174-88Free access
The purpose and value of higher education: an economic perspective Yu Peng LinVol.7 No.166-73Free access
Verifying capital asset pricing model in Greek capital marketKhurshid KhudoykulovVol.7 No.155-65Free access
Creating a human capital reporting framework: useful or not?Nicoleta Maria Ienciu; Ionel-Alin Ienciu; Marius Ioan MihuţVol.7 No.145-54Free access
An examination of US state pensions by total state expenditures, state budget deficit and red v. blue stateDon H. Chamberlain; L. Murphy Smith; Randall B. BunkerVol.7 No.127-44Free access
Athen's game of chicken or the conditional dependence between the Greek banksAbdelkader Derbali; Slaheddine Hallara; Aida SyVol.7 No.11-26Free access