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International Journal of Corporate Strategy and Social Responsibility (IJCSSR)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
CSR and indirect impacts of core business products/services of financial services institutionsGeorge T.K. ThienVol.1 No.186-100Free access
What to make of unprofitable corporate social responsibilityReagan Reese SeidlerVol.1 No.165-85Free access
From flexibility to specificity: practical lessons from comparing materiality in sustainability reports of the world's largest financial institutionsLiad OrtarVol.1 No.144-64Free access
Water stewardship and North America's food and beverage companies: a case study in corporate sustainabilityPeter Jones; Daphne Comfort; David HillierVol.1 No.126-43Free access
The link between corporate social performance and financial performance: empirical evidence from Japanese firmsMegumi Suto; Hitoshi TakeharaVol.1 No.14-25Free access