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International Journal of Business Innovation and Research (IJBIR)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Knowledge driven lean in healthcare: a necessityNatalie Petersen-Menefee; William M. Mothersell; Jaideep MotwaniVol.12 No.1120-135Free access
Application of AHP in reverse logistics service provider selection: a case studyVipul Jain; Sharfuddin Ahmed KhanVol.12 No.194-119Free access
Adopting analytic hierarchy process to prioritise banks based on CRM effectiveness - the customers perspectiveC. Padmavathy; V.J. SivakumarVol.12 No.180-93Free access
Determining factors influencing radical and incremental innovation with a case study in the petrochemical industryArash Shahin; Azar Barati; Reza Dabestani; Azam KhaliliVol.12 No.162-79Free access
Customer engagement in the Indian retail banking sector: an exploratory studyNeena Sondhi; Baldev R. Sharma; Supriya M. KallaVol.12 No.141-61Free access
An analysis of CEO visions in ThailandPornkasem Kantamara; Molraudee SaratunVol.12 No.123-40Free access
NPD process in active pharmaceutical ingredients industry: a case study in IranFatemeh S. Shahmehr; Seyed Mohammad Sadegh Khaksar; Narges Safari; Noor-Mohammad YaghoobiVol.12 No.11-22Free access