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International Journal of Business Excellence (IJBEX)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
The use of integrated management approaches and their impact on customers' satisfaction and business successMohammed T. Nuseir; Hilda MadanatVol.11 No.1120-140Free access
Organisational determinants of export performance: evidence from exporting firms in Batam, IndonesiaYudi Fernando; Agustina Fitrianingrum; Christopher RichardsonVol.11 No.195-119Free access
A study on customer's perception of online banking and e-service quality among Chennai customersG. Kumar; V.M. ShenbagaramanVol.11 No.172-94Free access
Analysis of e-service quality from the management perspective: an empirical study on e-government servicesNour-Mohammad Yaghoubi; Fatemeh RigiVol.11 No.158-71Free access
Developing a comprehensive brand evaluation system with the support of TRIZ to formulate brand strategiesTzong-Ru Lee; King-Lun Choy; Min-Chih Hsu; Fabio CassiaVol.11 No.138-57Free access
Brand positioning of ayurvedic medicine in Indian milieuK. Santhana Lakshmi; K. Mohamed Jasim; K. Prabhakar; S. Jahira ParveenVol.11 No.116-37Free access
Dynamics of disruptive innovations in outperforming global brands: a study in MexicoPável Reyes-Mercado; RajagopalVol.11 No.11-15Free access