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European Journal of Industrial Engineering (EJIE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Implications of channel structure for marketing remanufactured productsYu Xiong; Wei YanVol.10 No.1126-144Free access
Scheduling trucks in a multiple-door cross docking system with unequal ready timesMohammad Taghi Assadi; Mohsen BagheriVol.10 No.1103-125Free access
Coordination of random yield supply chains with improved revenue sharing contractsJiarong Luo; Xu ChenVol.10 No.181-102Free access
A simulation framework for studying blocking effects in warehouse systems with autonomous vehiclesDebjit Roy; Ananth Krishnamurthy; Sunderesh S. Heragu; Charles J. MalmborgVol.10 No.151-80Free access
Optimal decisions of a hybrid manufacturing-remanufacturing system within a closed-loop supply chainXianpei Hong; Huaige Zhang; Qin Zhong; Liwen LiuVol.10 No.121-50Free access
Cognitive mapping links human factors to corporate strategiesJudy Village; Filippo A. Salustri; W.P. NeumannVol.10 No.11-20Free access