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International Journal of Global Warming (IJGW)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Integrating metaheuristics and ANFIS for daily mean temperature forecastingMustafa Göçken; Aslı BoruVol.9 No.1110-128Free access
Batch anaerobic digestion of simulated Bangladeshi food waste: methane production at different inoculum-to-substrate ratios and kinetic analysisTanziha Tasnim; Shishir Kumar Behera; Mohd. Zafar; Hung-Suck ParkVol.9 No.195-109Free access
Impacts of human farm activities on tropical deforestation and climate change: interactive statistical modelsR. Krishna PrasadVol.9 No.181-94Free access
Wet bulb globe temperature across Western Turkey according to the ENSEMBLES projectHamza Altinsoy; Haci Ahmet YildirimVol.9 No.166-80Free access
Loss and damage from typhoon-induced floods and landslides in the Philippines: community perceptions on climate impacts and adaptation optionsLilibeth A. Acosta; Elena A. Eugenio; Paula Beatrice M. Macandog; Damasa B. Magcale-Macandog; Elaine Kuan-Hui Lin; Edwin R. Abucay; Alfi Lorenz Cura; Mary Grace PrimaveraVol.9 No.133-65Free access
Nexus between energy consumption and economic growth: the comparison of non-renewable natural resource poor and rich countriesBernur Acikgoz; Mine Yilmazer; Serkan ÇinarVol.9 No.118-32Free access
A preliminary assessment of observed and projected trends in the diurnal temperature ranges over South India under SRES A1B scenarioDhanya Praveen; Ramachandran Andimuthu; Radhapriya Parthasarathy; Thirumurugan PerumalVol.9 No.11-17Free access