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  • Relating Human Resource Management to The Goal By Eli Goldratt   Order a copy of this article
    by Brian Galli 
    Abstract: In recent years, the business industry changes had caused a reassessment of Human Resource Management (HRM) positions and structures. In the past, Human Resources (HR) was centralized. However, with the consistent organizational culture changes, HR is becoming decentralized and its operations integrated other departments. Today, HRM is an integral part of business processes similar other departments (finance, accounting, and so forth). However, with regards to specialized areas, like compensation and recruitment, HR remains centralized. Analysis of "The Goal" by Goldratt demonstrates its relation to HRM. This paper discusses and assesses the implications of HRM on a company's operations. It explains how HRM is related to the Theory of Constraints (TOC) and how both concepts help to achieve the company's true goal.
    Keywords: Theory of Constraints; Human Resource Management; Process; Critical Chain; Process Improvement; Mapping; Project Management; Work Flow.

  • An Assessment of Industry Position on Shared Equity Housing Model development in the UK   Order a copy of this article
    by Oladotun Ayoade, Vian Ahmed 
    Abstract: This paper investigated affordable housing problems and how they impact the development of Shared Equity Housing Models (SEHM) with emphasis on the Community Land Trust (CLT). The methodological approach identified and tackled inherent industry sources of barriers to Community Land Trust Shared Equity Housing Models (CLT SEHM) development through literature reviews and the text analysis of semi-structured interview responses from key stakeholders. Findings indicated that industry sources of barriers to CLT development occur within crucial bilateral dimensions impacting its capabilities as an adoptable model for major housing providers, and for local practitioners in well-defined communes for localised housing. This study opens a further debate on the downsides of the current housing delivery arrangement, and the need for an improved capacity for innovation through more sustainable alternatives/policies - particularly in a sector dominated by tested mainstream options, however with performance and affordability inconsistencies in UK housing development.
    Keywords: housing development; affordable housing; industry; shared equity housing models; SEHM; community land trust; CLT; qualitative research.