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    by Maria Evelyn Jucunda M 
    Abstract: The impact of acquisition announcement on the returns to acquiring firms around the announcement is a significant area of research as abnormal returns are considered to be the present value of future cash flows. This study conceptually analyses the valuation of acquirers, their decision to acquire and the consequences of acquirer decisions thereby developing a framework for analyzing the acquirer performance using the pre-acquisition factors of acquirers such as financial, behavioral and deal parameters. Thus, this study provides a review of the various research developments in the area of valuation of acquirers and identifies the major research gap thereby providing a path for future researchers and industrialists but suggesting a new model for analyzing the acquirer decisions using new parameters into the acquisition literature.
    Keywords: Acquisition; Acquirer; Abnormal Returns; Event study; Sentimental Analysis; Behavioural parameters; Deal parameters; Acquirer decisions.rnrnrn.

  • Creativity in Using the Balanced Scorecard in Service Ministries in Jordan   Order a copy of this article
    by Ahmad Zamil 
    Abstract: This study aims to examine the impact of the balanced scorecard on its various dimensions; the finances, customers, internal processes, and learning and growth, on the marketing innovation, in services; promotion, pricing, and distribution. The study also seeks to examine the reality of implementation of this tool in services ministries in Jordan represented by; public health, private hospitals sector, and tourism and antiquities.rnThe study was conducted on a sample of 371 employees who are supervisory or non-supervisory incumbents in services ministries in Jordan. By using the descriptive analytical approach, the results showed that the balanced scorecard has is a significant impact on the customer dimension in enhancing marketing innovation in the ministries.rnThe results also showed that there is an impact on the dimension of learning and growth in enhancing innovation in promotion. While the customers dimension show an impact in enhancing innovation in pricing in the ministry of tourism, innovation in distribution affected by the customer dimensions. rnThe degree of impact is affected by the differences between the respondents in terms of educational level and job title. In light of the results of this study, the researcher recommends that ministries enhance the components of application of the balanced scorecard to increase their ability to improve their performance.rn
    Keywords: Balanced Scorecard; Services Ministries; Marketing Innovation.

    by Arham Adnan, Mohammed Naved Khan 
    Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to develop, refine and validate an e-lifestyle instrument for Indian online shoppers. Notably, the internet era that we live in, it is absolutely imperative to understand, innovate and research the electronic lifestyles of Indians. Presently, online shopping in India is showing rapid growth and marketers are still trying to unravel and understand the lifestyles of online shoppers for purpose of segmentation, targeting and promotions. Be that as it may, Indian research scenario lacks an appropriate scale for such requirements, consequently shaping the basis of this study. The results of exploratory factor analysis (EFA), based on a sample of 230 respondents, revealed 4 underlying constructs. The findings of confirmatory factor analysis (CFA), from next stage sample of 210 from the same population, supported the results of EFA. The results show that 38 items of the e-lifestyle scale contributed to 4 distinct constructs representing the factors that significantly influence and shape individual e-lifestyles. This investigation merely represents a starting point in e-lifestyle research and would add to the limited body of knowledge to the subject of e-lifestyle research in Indian context. Beyond refining and validating an e-lifestyle instrument, this study could provide marketers with insights about how to integrate e-lifestyles of the online shopper into marketing strategies. Altogether, the study is a significant beginning towards constructing a well-defined and more holistic image of factors influencing the Indian online shopper lifestyles. The paper also discusses theoretical and managerial implications of the study.
    Keywords: e-lifestyles; India; AIO; VALS; scale refinement; innoavtion.

  • A Repairable M[X]/Gk/1 Feedback Retrial G-Queue, Balking and Reneging, Search of customers with Vacation   Order a copy of this article
    by J. Radha, K. Indhira, V.M. Chandrasekaran 
    Abstract: This paper deals with the steady state analysis of unreliable batch arrival feedback retrial queue with ${k}$ stages of service and Bernoulli vacation policy, where the busy server is subjected to breakdown due to the arrival of impatient customers and negative customers. Any arriving batch of positive customers finds the server free, one of the customers from the batch enters into the first stage of service and the rest of them join into the orbit. After completion of the i th, (i = 1,2,...,k-1)} stage of service, the customer may have the option to choose (i+1) th stage with probability theta i, with probability pi may join into orbit as feedback customer or may leave the system with probability 1- theta i- pi = qi, if the service is successfully. Finally, after completion of k th stage service, the customer may join into the orbit as feedback with probability pk or may leave the system with probability 1-pk. The server takes Bernoulli vacation after the service completion of positive customers. Arriving positive customers may balk (or renege) the system at particular times. After completion of the service, vacation or repair the server searches for the customer in the orbit or remains idle. An idle time of the server is reduced by the introduction of search of orbital customers immediately after a service completion. Using the supplementary variable method, steady state probability generating function for system size, some system performance measures and numerical illustrations are discussed.
    Keywords: Bernoulli vacation; Bernoulli feedback; retrial; impatient and negative customer; k- optional service; orbital search.

    by Tsuyoshi Yoda 
    Abstract: The influx of people into a city is a phenomenon that affects multiple sections of the so-ciety, and its important to understand such influxes in quantitative terms. Previous re-search has reported that influx growth may be induced by various factors, and these may include events such as large construction projects. However, despite the importance of quantitatively examining the impact of influxes of people, few studies have investigated the population changes that result from short-term, temporary visitors and lodgers. This study considers the impact of temporary visitors to Mombetsu City, Hokkaido, Japan, between 2009 and 2014. Their visits were associated with the construction of a large factory and hospital. It was found that the numbers of visitors and lodgers increased around the time of construction. This study contributes an example of the quantitative analysis of short-term population changes and draws attention to shifts that occur as a result of major events.
    Keywords: Construction; temporary transition; vitsitors; lodgers; population influx; municipal management; population change.

  • An analysis of Eco-sensitive Hotel Guest Room Experience and its impact on room selection recommendation.   Order a copy of this article
    by Sudhagar D.P 
    Abstract: The purpose of the study is to analyze the eco-sensitive hotel guest room experience and its impact on room selection recommendation. Room tips reviews of an eco-sensitive hotel featuring in TripAdvisor were taken for content analysis. The study result indicates that majority of guest provided positive feedback on the rooms they had stayed. Predominantly, location was mentioned as an important attribute to be considered while selecting a room for a stay followed by the view of the room. Findings also indicate that the comfort of the room, windows of the room, room category, room plan, room amenities, quality of air-conditioning, and quietness of the room are the other factors impact the stay experience. Attributes such as lightning of the room, noise, service quality, room size, and layout were less frequently cited. Surprisingly, there was no review reported about eco-sensitive feature provided in the hotel. The room attributes play a significant role in decision-making behavior of the guest. The attribute preference and importance will vary according to the type of guest and motivation to stay at Eco-sensitive hotels. Hotels should monitor the reviews and take necessary action to provide positive accommodation experience. Very limited research has been conducted in this particular area. Hence, the present study will have significant implications for hotels, researchers, and academic scholars.
    Keywords: Eco-sensitive hotels; accommodation experiences; room attributes; online reviews; trip advisors; content analysis; room tips; room selection; recommendation.