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Global Business and Economics Review

2002 Vol. 4 No. 2


PagesTitle and authors
165-186A new measure of comparative welfare
Earl Thompson, Charles Hickson
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006186

187-204High performance work organisations in theory and practice
Michael R. Smith
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006187

205-222Integrity capacity, business citizenship and Enron stakeholder remedies
Joseph A. Petrick, John F. Quinn
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006188

223-242China's rapid transformation: the role of FDI
James Angresano, Zhang Bo, Zhang Muhan
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006189

243-260Technology transfer, technological accumulation and firm economic performance: the case for Ellas
Giannis Tselekidis
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006190

261-276R&D activities and firms' characteristics: some evidence from North East England
H. R. Seddighi, M. W. Nuttall, J. Evans, K. A. Lawler
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006192

277-295The importance of being unimportant: small firms and small banks in Italy
Maria Minniti
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006193

296-324Managing financial markets and exchange rate volatility arising from globalisation
Dilip K. Das
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006194

325-345Greek exchange rate behaviour following German and US monetary policy shifts
Nikiforos T. Laopodis
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006195

346-369The Polish pension reform
Sylwia Gornik-Tomaszewski
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.006191

371-372Book Review: Bootstrapping
Janet Delve
DOI: 10.1504/GBER.2002.007966