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Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal (PIE)

Progress in Industrial Ecology, An International Journal

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Abrasion wear of cutting tool developed from recycled steel using palm kernel shell as carbon additiveSunday A. Afolalu; Abiodun A. Abioye; Joseph Idirisu; Imhade P. Okokpujie; Omolayo M. IkumapayiVol.12 No.1/2206-218Free access
Air compressor fault diagnosis through statistical feature extraction and random forest classifierS. Aravinth; V. SugumaranVol.12 No.1/2192-205Free access
Characterisation of mechanical and tribological behaviour of hybrid fibre reinforced polymer compositesMythili Chaganti; Sreeramulu Munagala; Kolar Deepak; B.G. DarshanVol.12 No.1/2180-191Free access
Thermodynamic analysis of Kalina cycle configurations for utilisation of geothermal energyKolar Deepak; A.V.S.S.K.S. GuptaVol.12 No.1/2164-179Free access
Experimenting with runtime and energy tradeoffs in high-performance computingG. Uma Maheswari; S. SubhaVol.12 No.1/2154-163Free access
Taguchi analysis of tool wear and delamination in milling of GFRP composite using coated K10 end millP. Praveen Raj; K. Pazhanivel; A. Elaya PerumalVol.12 No.1/2138-153Free access
Computational analysis of three blade vertical axis wind turbineKalakanda Alfred Sunny; Pradeep Kumar; Nallapaneni Manoj Kumar; S. PriscillaVol.12 No.1/2120-137Free access
Prediction of springback effect by the hybridisation of ANN with PSO in wipe bending process of sheet metalT. SathishVol.12 No.1/2112-119Free access
Misfire detection in I.C. engine through ARMA features using machine learning approachSumedh Mulay; V. Sugumaran; S. Babu DevasenapatiVol.12 No.1/293-111Free access
Free vibration analysis of carbon nanotube reinforced composite Timoshenko beamSoham Khilari; Samarth Kochar; Rudra Sanvordenker; Benedict ThomasVol.12 No.1/278-92Free access
Role of non-consumable tool design on tensile properties of friction stir welded aluminium alloy jointsG. Swaminathan; S. Sathiyamurthy; P. NaveenchandranVol.12 No.1/267-77Free access
Review on effects of performance, emission and combustion characteristics of emulsified fuel in bifuel engineRadha Krishna Gopidesi; S.R. PremkartikkumarVol.12 No.1/259-66Free access
HAIWF-based fault detection and classification for industrial machine condition monitoringT. Sathish; S. KarthickVol.12 No.1/246-58Free access
Predicting dispersion of radionuclides through parallel approachG. Uma Maheswari; S. SubhaVol.12 No.1/235-45Free access
A machine learning approach for condition monitoring of wind turbine blade using autoregressive moving average (ARMA) features through vibration signals: a comparative studyA. Joshuva; V. SugumaranVol.12 No.1/214-34Free access
Parametric optimisation of friction welded 17-4 PH SS alloy using Taguchi techniquesS. Mahendiran; R. Ramanujam; V. Mohanavel; M.M. Ravikumar; G. Madhan; P. VinothkumarVol.12 No.1/23-13Free access