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International Journal of Web and Grid Services (IJWGS)

International Journal of Web and Grid Services

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Data locality-aware and QoS-aware dynamic cloud workflow scheduling in Hadoop for heterogeneous environmentFan Ding; Minjin MaVol.19 No.1113-135Free access
A feature-driven variability-enabled approach to adaptive service compositionsChang-ai Sun; Zhen Wang; Zaixing Zhang; Luo Xu; Jun Han; Yanbo HanVol.19 No.179-112Free access
A new joint geo-opportunistic routing scheme in duty cycled internet of underwater thingsTurki Ali Alghamdi; Nadeem JavaidVol.19 No.158-78Free access
Sentiment analysis and counselling for COVID-19 pandemic based on social mediaHa-Young Lee; Ok-Ran JeongVol.19 No.134-57Free access
A survey on the optimisation of age of information in wireless networksHongyan Wang; Qibo Sun; Shangguang WangVol.19 No.11-33Free access