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International Journal of Space Science and Engineering (IJSpaceSE)

International Journal of Space Science and Engineering

The following articles showcase the range and quality of the content in the International Journal of Space Science and Engineering (IJSpaceSE)

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Robust linear PID controller for satellite attitude stabilisation and attitude tracking controlYou Li; Zhaowei Sun; Dong YeVol.4 No.164-75Free access
Stabilisation of in-plane periodic motion of electrodynamic tether system by combining tether length control and current controlHirohisa Kojima; Hidenori AokiVol.3 No.4318-341Free access
GPS-based orbital filter to reach the moonFrancesco Basile; Vincenzo Capuano; Cyril Botteron; Pierre-André FarineVol.3 No.3199-218Free access
Orbital-attitude coupling effects on the motion of a dumbbell space tetherChristopher Murray; Matthew P. CartmellVol.3 No.293-112Free access
Generalised multi-impulsive manoeuvres for optimum spacecraft rendezvous in near-circular orbitGabriella Gaias; Simone D'Amico; Jean-Sébastien ArdaensVol.3 No.168-88Free access
The small reconnaissance of atmospheres mission platform concept, part 1: motivations and outline for a swarm of scientific microprobes to the clouds of Jupiter in 2030John E. Moores; Kieran A. Carroll; Isaac DeSouza; Kartheephan Sathiyanathan; Barry Stoute; Jinjun Shan; Regina S. Lee; Ben QuineVol.2 No.4327-344Free access
Methods of the analysis of motion of small space vehicles around the centre of masses at deployment of space tether systemYuriy Zabolotnov; Oleg NaumovVol.2 No.4305-326Free access