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International Journal of Smart Grid and Green Communications (IJSGGC)

International Journal of Smart Grid and Green Communications

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
A relationship-based approach for energy aware secure routing in MANETsM.V. Rathnamma; P. Chenna ReddyVol.1 No.187-101Free access
Energy aware cross layer-based connection admission control mechanism for wireless mesh networksPradeep Reddy; P. Venkata KrishnaVol.1 No.173-86Free access
A capacity-aware MIMO-beamforming approach for cognitive radio enabled smart grid systemsMostafa HefnawiVol.1 No.162-72Free access
Region-based group and hierarchical key management for secure smart grid communicationsV. Madhu Viswanatham; A.A. Chari; V. SarithaVol.1 No.150-61Free access
An auxiliary study of the smart grid deployment in India. Philosophy and key drivers Farhan BegVol.1 No.138-49Free access
Identified improvements of wireless sensor networks in smart grid: issues, requirements and challengesInes Hosni; Noureddine HamdiVol.1 No.13-37Free access