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International Journal of Soft Computing and Networking (IJSCN)

International Journal of Soft Computing and Networking

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Search in a hybrid P2P system using a node map formed by a self-organising mapKei Ohnishi; Hiroshi YamamotoVol.1 No.182-110Free access
Software-defined network flow table overflow attacks and countermeasuresWanqing You; Kai Qian; Ying QianVol.1 No.170-81Free access
Interpretability and accuracy issues in evolutionary multi-objective fuzzy classifiersPraveen Kumar Shukla; Surya Prakash TripathiVol.1 No.155-69Free access
Direction and trend of networking technology in Japan to save finite natural resources - after undergoing the East Japan megaquakeAkira ArutakiVol.1 No.135-54Free access
Design an anomaly-based intrusion detection system using soft computing for mobile ad hoc networksAlka Chaudhary; V.N. Tiwari; Anil KumarVol.1 No.117-34Free access
A nearest neighbour classifier based on probabilistically/possibilistically intervals' number for spam filteringYazdan JamshidiVol.1 No.14-16Free access