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International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances (IJSBA)

International Journal of Strategic Business Alliances

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons: analysis of marketing strategies in the quick service restaurantsEtienne MusoneraVol.6 No.4267-283Free access
Intermediary levels of government for the development of productive agglomerations: viable implementations for emerging countriesNelson Casarotto Filho; Marcos Ferasso; Jorge Alberto Velloso SaldanhaVol.6 No.4251-266Free access
The collaborative interdependence in the local production arrangement of gems and jewels in South of BrazilLuiz Fernando Fritz Filho; Anelise Rebelato Mozzato; Karen Beltrame Becker FritzVol.6 No.4233-250Free access
Analysis of born globals internationalisation strategy and partnershipsAndré Luís Figueiredo Santana Dourado; Mariane Figueira; Cleber Carvalho De CastroVol.6 No.4217-232Free access
Knowledge transfer among international strategic alliance partners and its impact on innovation performanceVijita S. Aggarwal; Madhavi KapoorVol.6 No.4203-216Free access