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  • Knowledge Transfer among International Strategic Alliance Partners and its impact on innovation performance   Order a copy of this article
    by Vijita Aggarwal, Madhavi Kapoor 
    Abstract: Purpose The study is to provide an overview of the literature available on knowledge transfer highlighting the factors affecting knowledge transfer mechanism and provides a theoretical framework to study its impact on strategic alliances innovation performance. Design/methodology - The paper studied a vast literature for providing a comprehensive framework to study the knowledge transfer mechanism among the alliance partners and its impact on performance. It also proposes a methodology for future empirical testing. Findings- The paper provides factors affecting knowledge transfer among international strategic alliance partners. A theoretical framework is prepared from the literature for further research integrating factors effecting knowledge transfer, linking them with innovation performance. This paper provides avenues for further research in the field of strategic management and international business for improving knowledge exchange for alliances success. Research Limitation- The paper could not review all the possible variables affecting knowledge transfer and is conceptual in nature. Practical Implication- The paper provides a useful insight for managers involved in the international strategic alliances as well as for business executives for improving knowledge transfer mechanism among alliance partners. Originality- Although various researchers have studied knowledge transfer among international strategic alliances, not too many have linked factors affecting knowledge transfer with performance, which this study does.
    Keywords: Knowledge transfer; International strategic alliances; innovation performance; absorptive capacity.

  • Analysis of Born Globals Internationalization Strategy and Partnerships   Order a copy of this article
    by André Luís Figueiredo Santana Dourado, Mariane Figueira, Cleber Carvalho De Castro 
    Abstract: The specific objectives of this study include characterising the born globals founders profile, identifying the factors that lead the companies to globalise, identifying the reasons of choosing to enter certain countries, verifying how the internationalisation strategic behaviour of born globals had been modified through the years, as well as verifying the role that partnerships represented to born globals. Three organisations from Brazil and Italy were analysed. Interviews were carried out with the organisations stakeholders through a semi-structured questionnaire previously elaborated. All the interviews were recorded and then transcribed and submitted to content analysis. The study helped clarify some topics related to the role played by partnerships and the founders profile, more specifically, the temporal aspect of partnerships and the necessary entrepreneur profile of founders. Finally, the study has also found that some concepts in the literature of born globals are not in agreement with the results from the sample analysed.
    Keywords: internationalisation; strategy; networks.
    DOI: 10.1504/IJSBA.2019.10019783
    by Luiz Fernando Fritz Filho, Anelise Rebelato Mozzato, Karen Beltame Becker Fritz 
    Abstract: This research aims to understand the inter-organizational relations (RIOs) in the local productive arrangement (LPA) of gems and jewels of the south of Brazil, analyzing to what extent the prevalence of characteristics of collaborative interdependence occurs. The paper addresses questions about developing LPAs, followed by the centralized discussion on the importance of the presence of collaborative interdependence between the different actors in RIOs. This exploratory research is characterized as a qualitative case study. The data collection was done through interviews, non-participant observation, and documentary analysis. Content analysis was adopted as a data analysis technique. The results indicate the occurrence of collaborative interdependence between the different actors that maintain RIOs. Collaboration on actions related to shared goals, use of common resources and complementarity of tasks is confirmed. However, it is also evidenced that the collaborative interdependence can be more effective, covering the LPA.
    Keywords: local productive arrangements; collaborative interdependence; inter-organizational relations; productive arrangement of gems and jewels; network; spatial agglomeration; collaborative relations; developing country; interdependence; south of Brazil.

  • Intermediary levels of government for the development of productive agglomerations: Viable implementations for emerging countries   Order a copy of this article
    by Nelson Casarotto Filho, Marcos Ferasso, Jorge Alberto Velloso Saldanha 
    Abstract: Although the cluster concepts are well stressed in literature, and in several industries intensities, there are still some contributions that can be addressed to emerging countries. This article has as main objective to discuss the regional space for the development focusing the productive agglomerations and proposes a model of multilevel governance to assist the process of regional development which is important to generate income and increase the quality of life of the inhabitants of a given region. The space for regional development stems from the confrontation of two vectors: the first is the scale for development projects and the second is that of cooperation. A framework is built based on literature and a possible implementation in a Brazilian cluster is analyzed.
    Keywords: Productive agglomerations; Governance; Economic development; Political policies; Regions.

  • Merger of Burger King and Tim Hortons: Analysis of Marketing Strategies in the Quick Service Restaurants(QSR)   Order a copy of this article
    by Etienne Musonera 
    Abstract: Restaurant Brands International Inc. is a Canadian quick service restaurant company. It was created by the merger of Canadian coffee shop restaurant chain Tim Hortons and the American fast food restaurant chain Burger King in 2014 and expanded by the purchase of Popeyes in 2017. The company is the fifth-largest operator of fast food restaurants in the world with more than 25,000 restaurants operating in over 100 countries under its distinct brands. The mergers primary focus is to expand the international reach of the "iconic" Tim Hortons brand, and provide financial efficiencies for both companies. In this case analysis, we looked at the past and present situation and addressed business issues facing both Burger King and Tim Hortons. We conducted a systematic case analysis, and used Michaels Five Forces to assess industry attractiveness. We identified problems and issues facing both companies, and we developed a set of strategic alternatives for the new company. We also evaluated and recommended sustainable alternatives marketing strategies to achieve superior results.
    Keywords: Merger; Burger King; Tim Hortons; Marketing Strategies; Michael Porter’s Five Forces.

  • Accelerating startups Internationalization through networks: a comparative study   Order a copy of this article
    by Hercules Kuster Dos Reis, Otávio Rezende 
    Abstract: With the global expansion of startups, seed accelerator programs have been gaining focus, and acting as a resource for the development and internationalization of these companies. Concurrently, networks have been used as a tool, due to the benefits they bring along with the connections developed. This qualitative research seeks to understand the functionality of business networking for the internationalization of startups, analyzing how accelerators influence and manage this asset. For that, we have done a comparative analysis based on the perceptions of six business accelerators located in six different countries: Brazil, Canada; Czech Republic; Italy; Israel; and Malaysia. The findings suggest that networks play an ultimate role in terms of acceleration of startups internationalization. It reduces uncertainties, fosters innovation, and eases access to partners and investors. Accelerators use institutional and business partnerships, as well as seminars and workshops to foster networks; they also reduce risks when entering new markets.
    Keywords: business internationalization; startups; seed accelerators; networks; comparative studies.