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International Journal of Revenue Management (IJRM)

International Journal of Revenue Management

Title Author(s) Vol. and Issue nos. Page nos. Full-text article
Application of machine learning techniques in railway demand forecastingNeda Etebari Alamdari; Miguel F. Anjos; Gilles SavardVol.12 No.1/2132-151Free access
Unverifiable net assets ratio and annual report reading difficultyWray Bradley; Wen-Chyuan Chiang; Li SunVol.12 No.1/2104-131Free access
Indonesian mutual funds: performance determinants and interaction of macroeconomic factorsMahartha Titi; Ubud Salim; Sumiati; Risna WijayantiVol.12 No.1/283-103Free access
Maximising store revenues using Tabu search for floor space optimisationJiefeng Xu; Evren Gul; Alvin LimVol.12 No.1/256-82Free access
Data driven pricing strategies for hotels during the COVID-19 pandemicGirish K. NairVol.12 No.1/234-55Free access
9-ending prices in retail advertisements: Indian consumers' price perception and proneness to buySantosh Kumar; Mrinalini PandeyVol.12 No.1/21-33Free access